August 27, 2009

Queering Oaxaca

Bulletin board outside of Club 502, a gay bar. On the right, there's a poster of an event from Colectiva Luzonica, a group of queer women artists, presenting Fernanda Martinez on August 15. This is as close as I have been able to get to finding them.

Oaxaca is a city of 250,000. The province of Oaxaca is the most diverse in Mexico, with many different indigenous people, for whom Spanish is not their native tongue. There are also many colonial-era Catholic churches within the city center. The first gay pride march in Oaxaca was this year.


  1. we should invite members from colectiva luzonica to yerevan -- thanks for posting this, nancy. when are you returning to new york?

  2. i'm back!
    I like the idea of a collaboration among similar groups. i will look into how to contact luzonica and ask my friend in oaxaca to watch out for them. Their next event is a burlesque show...