June 29, 2010

Soon News

I wanted to share some news . . .

My memoir Me as her again has been shortlisted for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing from Stanford University. This is a nice honor, considering the other 14 shortlisted books. I was happy to discover some new titles that look really innovative. So please be sure to check out these books, support small press writers, and send word of mouth to your friends about Me as her again, too.

The happening art blog Hyperallergic published my personal essay about resurrecting my L.A.-based folk/punk band Guitar Boy to perform at the wonderful Wonder Cabinet at Occidental College in April.

And finally, I will be in Yerevan, Armenia for the month of July to lead "Physical Translating" a workshop on body-based writing for women. It will culminate in a reading during the WOW Collective's "Art Intervention" at the Women's Resource Center in Yerevan on July 31st. This is something that I am really looking forward to, considering that candid writing by women about the body in literary works -- anywhere in the world -- is still taboo. And there seems to be a cultural shift underway in Armenia now . . . More updates to come, on my blog, http://onearmenianworld.blogspot.com, which I plan to revive when I am in Yerevan, starting in early July.

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  1. your article in hyperallergic does a great job at historicizing guitar boy. are there any videos on youtube of any of your performances (old or new)?