March 1, 2009

Armenian women will bury the "red apple" on March 8

The Women's Resource Center of Armenia with the cooperation of Utopiana, WOW and other NGOs, intends to mark March 8 (International Women's Day), by performing a funeral rite to bury the “Red Apple”, one of the cultural traditions still popular in most parts of Armenia. The Center declares this practice to be demeaning to women and a violation of their human rights.


  1. shat lav! es inch lavna... Luso jan, karokha du es dezin arel es plakart@? Yerani es el tses het linei... srtov u mtqov menq (ardasahmanciners) tses het enq :-)

  2. Hello, How can we contact Utopiana? I can not find any contact details on the internet.

    I would very much like to participate in this event.