January 7, 2010

virtual boredom

Words on this page are not permanent.
They can disappear with the blink of an eye
Google will support you on that
Will ask you just once: “are you sure you want to delete this?”
And as soon as you press yes, everything flies in the constricted air of the system
Or somewhere missing on this inescapable information route
If lucky enough, it could maybe end up in someone else’s inbox
Or may perhaps be redirected towards your spam box

Nothing would stay intact or tangible.
Words on this page are not meant to be understandable
They are breakable transformable malleable
One day they could mean something to someone
Another day they could mean another thing to someone else
Relations to these words on this page could kill you virtually
Could stumble on your illusion and make you believe momentarily
Word found word lost
Virtual pages on my mind
Stumbling on spam
Writing unconsciously
30% off on Viagra
free porn sites
increase the size of your penis
sites that make you come hard
how to increase your woman’s orgasm
cooking dolma with lots of meat
preparing the yogurt with extra garlic
whispering a lullaby in your mouth
steaming on medium heat
surfing the net
covering the pot
copy pasting the images
closing the door
leaving the kitchen content

1 comment:

  1. Lara, shut shut dzandzratsi u menak mna :)Shat lavn er. Meri