January 28, 2010

posting on my wall---enter

working on my page
this page is me  ;)
it is a little bit scribbled  :0
with little holes inside
no you can’t see it, I can
it only disturbs me  :(
working on my page
making it beautiful
taking out the dirt
washing it with care
now I have a new page
with a floral design
made on recycled paper
medz mama would be proud
then I put it in a nice color, surrounded with glowing little hearts  ©
posted it on my facebook wall
my friends are proud
they “like” it
someone commented
i don’t know him
we have 45 friends in common
still I don’t know him  #$%&*!
i entered in the little holes
right where you won’t ever spot me
my hands are in dirt
it smells awful
vomits everywhere
unbearably human
love it !
“like” it
really :)

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