November 18, 2009

filmidyll 2009 (quasi-english)

FilmIdyll wants to give you groundbreaking film, personal favorites, new film, old film, fresh film, unestablished film, film that will move you, film that will disturb you, film that fights back.

Together with discussions, installations, workshops, a sea of pillows, food, beer, popcorn, red wine and festivities. And above all international film visit from Armenia, artists and activists Lusine Talalyan and Arpi Adamyan, take part in the festival by screening their films and talking about transgression and film art.

All of this we give you. Between heavy velvet drapes, over wooden chess floor, under the pink moose, around the lace, in the stairs, behind the door. Underground.

In the center of it all we place You, the visitor, the active participant, the actor of change. Dive into the golden boxes with your opinions and comments about the big and small questions of activism, get a hold of one of FilmIdyll’s own interviewers and make your voice heard, create great art with LoFi Cherry Porno Pics and their camera and turn into a seductive film director, actor and producer in the pride of FilmIdyll: Confession Booth.

The program is divided into three film lounges, 1, 2 & 3 – or – The Velvet Room, The Porn Lounge and the Gallery. Hostess for the festival is Lizzy the Lezzy (2006-2008) by Ruth Selwyn, Israel. She will be your guide through this zestful weekend with her little songs, stories from her lesbian everyday or just common truths about everything and everyone.

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