March 18, 2011

no to paternalism!

Armenia: democracy is the measure of a people's will to be a people and not just subjects

автор Angela Harutyunyan, написано 18 Март 2011 г. в 7:16
terrorists, azeris, lack of political, economic and social development, colonialism, thugs, drugs, fifth columns, islamists, extremisms etc etc will always be the excuses of the powerful to not allow the people to take control of their lives, and will also be the crutches of peoples who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own futures or who have an investment in the current oppressive regime.

over 400 people were martyred in egypt for their cause of public dignity with no questions asked and no regrets, 10's of thousands in Libya without asking for the guidance of a father figure and without finding excuses as to why they as a people could not afford a democracy.

there are no excuses and a people who can't stand for themselves, successfully or not, probably don't deserve democracy.
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  1. Shush, hima Sharjayum em, Ericn e indz clon arel, post e anum. Ete Luson karogh e, togh dni bolgum. Senyakum internet chunem, vazum em. Shutov kugharken ejnebi girqy. Heto kgrem, hasced ktas, ha?