July 23, 2010

The QY 2010 Art Intervention Program

JULY 31 | Zarubyan 34, Garden

Méliné Ter Minassian and Laureline Koenig
Autoconfirmation For Two Aquariums and a Chuneri
A game of forms around the poem “Autocomfirmation” by Violet Grigoryan in Armenian and French.

Lilia Khachatryan, The Anesthetized Text: Translation as a Bankrupt Claim, an essay.
Tatia Skhirtladze (in absentia), It’s a Real Dream, You Know, a photograph.

Araxi Nerkararyan, Expression of Love № 02: The Moth, a performance in progress.

Tsomak Oga, Tata, videoclip.
Lucie Abdalian, photography.
Lusine Vayachyan, We, so they don’t ask questions, video improvisation.
Ocean, Hogmapar, photography.

Melissa Boyajian
Delicious Fruit (2010)
A short experimental video utilizing recontextualized footage of Sergei Parajanov’s archetypal film The Color of Pomegranates (1969).

I need you to need me to need you (2010)
A three-channel video in which artists Fred Ata and Melissa Boyajian utilize children’s games as a metaphor that makes connections to power dynamics in adult relationships.

Basic Conversational Armenian (2007)
A two-channel video performance constructed from Western Armenian language tapes, exploring the complexities of Armenian identity of the diaspora and the attempts to teach and learn the displaced language while reconciling the embedded gender codes, sexuality and power struggle within the language.

Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon (2006)
An experimental video depicting a close-up shot of a mouth in which the subject exaggeratedly binds his/her tongue and then attempts to speak.

Open discussion

AUGUST 1 | Zarubyan 34, Garden

Nancy Agabian, Anahit Hayrapetyan, Nushik Smbatyan, Haykuhi Avetisyan, Hasmik Manukyan, Taisha Abelar, Gayane Martirosyan and Hasmik Simonyan
Physical Translating
A body-based creative writing workshop led by Nancy Agabian. Participants will read new texts related to physical experiences—in illness, disconnection, pain, joy, experimentation, athleticism, sexuality, reproduction, etc.

Lara Aharonian (in absentia)
The Correspondence of B and L, read by Méliné Ter Minassian and Elaine Krikorian.

Shushan Avagyan and lusine talalyan
Zarubyani kanayq (Zarubyan's Women)
An exploration in the dialectic of text and photography, devising and baring the devices of translation.

Arpi Adamyan
Neutral Tension
An experimental video on Méliné Ter Minassian’s presentation (28.05.10; Zarubyan 34) on her and Karin Grigoryan’s translation process of La Chambre claire (1980) by Roland Barthes (from French to Armenian, using English as a lingua franca).

lusine talalyan
Is It a Boy or a Girl?
An experimental video about that there was nothing else to do but lie down and not leave the town.

Open discussion

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