December 13, 2018

QY happening №XI

DECEMBER  21- 23.12.2018

As political changes take shape – or seemingly take shape - here and elsewhere, many claim that women - often regarded a “neglected” segment of society, a “group” in need of “empowerment,” and so on - should be given positions of governance. These claims are framed as feminist, situating feminism as a project of gaining access to institutional power. Can government (a site of power) (ever) be the site of feminist intervention – as a process of diffusion and multiplicity or does feminism from here on out need to be, inherently, a rejection of institutional power?

Queering understandings of feminist power – as incessantly antagonistic – can offer narratives of feminist empowerment that destabilize and undo understandings of power as institutional. What emerges from this queering are spaces of feminist and/or queer antagonism to institutions that constitute another kind of politics – a politics that cannot exist in any conjunction or in collaboration with governance.

The 2018 Queering Yerevan Happening, to take place December 21-23, 2018, may include interventions, discussions, and talks surrounding these sets of que(e)ries.

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