March 1, 2015

Reading n.paradoxa in Lover's Park, Yerevan

". . . Their concern is published in an essay, criticizing the indifference towards cultural heritage, besides photos of the sculpture in its new surroundings after it had been moved from the public to a gentrified space. As well as in a polite letter to the mayor, asking permission to return the work to the park."

"During their happening Stateless society, 30 March 2014, the QYC closed off a demarcated segment of Republic Street for five minutes, ‘transforming it into a state(use)less public space’. I imagine car drivers must have watched them impatiently as they sat on the street reading or watering a plant . . ."

Excerpted from Mirjam Westen's article "Re-inscribing public spaces: Queering Yerevan" 
(n.paradoxa #35, 2015, pp. 72-75).

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