March 7, 2012

Support Meem

From our friends in Lebanon:

Bareed Mista3jil ('mail in a hurry') is a book published by Meem, 'a community of  lesbian, bisexual, queer women and transgender persons (including male-to-female and female-to-male) in addition to women questioning their sexual orientation or gender' in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a collection of stories about  sexuality from all over Lebanon. 

Read more here about the book:  and about Meem:

A few months ago, a proposal was sent out to bring the staged reading to the AWID (Association of Women in Development) conference being held in Istanbul, Turkey, in April and it was accepted. 

Meem is now raising the funds to bring readers to the conference. YOU CAN SUPPORT US by making a pledge on Kickstarter at:

There you can watch a video about this project and read more about it. We are very excited about bringing these voices to potentially thousands of conference participants at AWID so please consider making a donation! Whatever you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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