August 30, 2011

FAB news from Högkvarteret

Dear Stockhomos and everyone else,

Some of you might not have seen us since »The Divorce«, the 28th of May. Some of you might have forgotten all about us. Some of you might have been crying and craving for Högkvarteret to return. And some of you might have met us briefly at Konsthall C or Bio Rio this summer. We did say that you never know where or when we will appear again.

Today Högkvarteret is launching our new blog at, presenting our new shape. We no longer give you six evenings of outstandingness at Närkesgatan 8 in Stockholm (thank God). But we do exist. And we do continue to be the Swedish headquarter for contemporary queer and feminist art. Our bags are packed with experiences from the past and visions of the future, and now we are going travelling.

Since May 2011 Högkvarteret exists as a curatorial collaborative collective, with an inexhaustible interest in the in-betweens, the transcending and the contradictory, and takes place in different sites, projects and forms. You will find us in Stockholm, Hökarängen, Bagarmossen, Malmö, Sarajevo, New York, Yerevan, Tblisi, in our blog, in this newsletter, in the shape of fanzines and books, and probably still a bit to much on Facebook.

During 2011-2012 we collaborate with and/or are proud to present artists, collectives and spaces like A.K Burns, A.L Steiner, Andrea Merkx, Anna Linder, Anna Åstrand, Barbara Hammer, Bio Rio, Clara Lopéz, Dynasty Handbag, Eli Levén, Elin Magnusson, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Galleri Lundh Åstrand, Imri Sandström, Jeanine Oleson, Jenny Grönwall, Kutterfugel, Konsthall C, Malin Arnell, Malmö Konsthall, Marit Östberg, MPA, Silvana Imam, Sofie Westerberg, Queering Yerevan, The Women’s Initiative Support Group, The Cure Foundation, The Silvershed, and probably many more to come.

Go visit our blog to find out more, at And if you wanna collaborate with us, hire us, invite us, present us, challenge us, please contact: 

And YES: We do have plans for a new permanent space.

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