May 5, 2009

is this an accurate representation of lgbt groups in armenia?

Forced Out: LGBT People in Armenia (February 2009)

Report on ILGA-Europe/COC fact-finding mission

Written by Aengus Carroll
and Sheila Quinn

LGBT people in Armenia suffer from a high level of hostility, discrimination, social exclusion, hate crimes and violence. Homophobia is deeply rooted in the Armenian society. Stigmatisation is so pervasive that most LGBT people are forced out of communities and deprived of any chance to openly express their sexual orientation or gender identity. And yet they are forced to come out and organise into associations and groups if they want to be able to stand up for who they are.

The joint ILGA-Europe and COC report is the first of its kind to be published about same-sex relationships and LGBT people in Armenia. It explores identities, common human rights violations, the landscape of LGBT organising, health and HIV/AIDS, and relevant legal aspects. It also provides recommendations to the Armenian government, donors, LGBT activists and international organisations.


  1. the report seems to be fairly accurate on the media coverage, yet while the authors critique the forced invisibility of queer women in armenia, they seem to do the same when they stop short of mentioning our activism in criticizing the media for their censorship and biased methods of reportage, including our Open Letter Against Intolerance that was sent to the Human Rights Ombudsman on February 1, 2009. Needless to say, we have not heard from the Ombudsman or from anyone else regarding that letter.

  2. because nobody is doing the follow-up. Activism needs follow-up and perseverance to get what you want(regarding our rights) and no one wants to take that responsibility in our group

  3. Shushan, if I'm not mistaken, I think this report (though it is dated February 2009) was compiled and published prior to sending our Open Letter to the Ombudsman.

  4. Hi Shushan,
    Thank you for commenting on our report. The research was done a year ago though it was only publishe in Feb 2009 hence no mnetion of Queering Yerevan's open leter which we signed at the time.
    I am very conscious of the need to keep up to date with developments amongst activists and am keen to offer support in your advocacy at national and international levels. I will be in Yerevan on 19th and 20th May and it would be great to meet you and hear about your activities.
    Beth Fernandez, Programmes/ Policy Officer, ILGA-Europe

  5. sounds good, beth. would be great to meet with you and discuss further programming and collaboration with ilga-europe. we are at the women's resource center, zarubyan street 34.

    tel: (374-10)519168

  6. vaghe amsi 14ine jame 12ine Ilga-Europits galis en Kananc Ketron, ov aystegh e karogh e ga.

  7. people, people
    I apologize but representative from ILGA will not come this month, they cancelled there visit, hope to meet them next month
    It will be better if they will WOW group also