May 23, 2009

"իգական փորձանք," ջոն ուոթերս


you are invited to the screening of FEMALE TROUBLE (1974) written, produced, and directed by john waters, an american satire framed around the theme "crime is beauty" (and also gender stereotypes, concepts of beauty and fashion, family economics and structure) that inspired judy b to title her celebrated work GENDER TROUBLE. the film features the all-time star divine, who appears in almost all movies by waters, david lochary, mary vivian pearce, mink stole, edith massey (edy), michael potter, cookie mueller, and susan walsh.

time: monday, may 25, 9:00p.m.
place: yerevan, zarubyan 34, the garden

come one come all


  1. i wish i could be there for this event. the way john waters portrays, not only gender stereotypes, but also heterosexual stereotypes is classic and one of a kind. also, watch out for Divine, she plays another role (a short one in the beginning) in the film but as a man instead ;)

  2. you should do a john waters film fest...

  3. yeah, sar, do a john waters film fest!