February 23, 2009

invite melineh kurdian to the yerevan music fest

I met Melineh Kurdian in the summer of 2006, when she was performing at the National Women's Music Fest -- that year it was held at my university -- Illinois State. Since then Melineh appears once in a while at our local gay bar in Bloomington, IL, the Bistro, with Girl Parts -- where I incessantly torment her about coming to Yerevan for a concert. Check out Melineh's music as well as listen to Girl Parts -- they are amazing in concerts and if you want to hear them live -- you've gotta bug them to come to Yerevan ----->------------->>------------------------->-->->-------------->>>->-------------------------------->---------->---------------->>------------->---------------------->------------>------------------->----------------------------->>--------------> ------------------>>>>>>>>>---------------------->
GIRL PARTS = 3 nationally-touring singer/songwriters who come together for a few tours a year. Called One of the Best NYC Shows of 2005 by RadioCrystalBlue, Girl Parts puts on a charming, high-energy acoustic folk and pop rock show. Mid-20's yet seasoned performers, the three have released 10 albums between them, including 2 Girl Parts EPs. Part sugar, part spice, full of harmonies, guitar, piano, banjo and bass, these women form quite an amazing trio.

LIZ CLARK, is a New York City based singer-songwriter that has garnered wide acclaim in the US, UK and Ireland including airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio and the BBC. The video for her single, "Who's Your Angel," went to #3 on MTV's Logo Network. Liz has shared the stage with numerous well-known musicians including Joe Walsh, Ritchie Havens, Linda Perry, Bob Schneider, and The Counting Crows.

JULIE LOYD, originally a dancer and child of musical theater, comes across best on stage. Called "an acoustic spitfire...with a kick-ass stage presence" by Curve Magazine, this wiggly acoustic sparkplug plays 170+ shows a year wailing away on her guitar, wearing another hole in the finish, weaving tunes with a set of gutsy vocals and stomping out her rhythm.

MELINEH KURDIAN's debut album, "From Where You Are," is a ten-song testament to love, perseverance, desire and redemption. The New York Times calls her music "soulful and amusing," and it is just that. Melineh's well-crafted melodies support every honest word she sings. Her easy stage presence makes audiences laugh along with her stories and be moved by her intimate lyrics and sweet, strong voice.


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  1. I thought of her too except I think Tsomak is looking for artists whose genre of music includes rock, experimental and punk, rather than acoustic and folk.

    Tsom jan, Melineh-in hravirenq International Women's Sound festivalin? Shat lav kliner iharke, baic inch qan karevor a qo hamar vor erajishtner@ linen punk u rock khumperic (kam solo)? Acoustiknel k@ndunes?