June 22, 2017


The abject is perverse because it neither gives up nor assumes a prohibition, a rule, or a law; but turns them aside, misleads, corrupts; uses them, takes advantage of them, the better to deny them. It kills in the name of life—a progressive despot; it lives at the behest of death—an operator in genetic experimentations; it curbs the other's suffering for its own profit—a cynic (and a psychoanalyst); it establishes narcissistic power while pretending to reveal the abyss—an artist who practices his art as a "business." Corruption is its most common, most obvious appearance. That is the socialized appearance of the abject.
—Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection

1. WHAT IS THIS NEW TREND where men who used to tell feminists "Why don't you fight for tree rights instead" are now leading (կվարի [sic erat scriptum] մեկի փոխարեն երկուսը Հովհաննես Մարգարյանը և Վարդան Ջալոյանը) seminars to enlighten the unenlightened (typically, the natives of Armenia) on matters of "Research on Women's Rights, Art and Activism" (սեմինար-քննարկում «Կանանց իրավունքների, արվեստի և ակտիվիզմի ուսումնասիրություններ» թեմայով)?

2. WHAT IS THIS NEW SPHERE that hires pseudo-discussants to bullshit on hot topics such as women's rights, feminist movements, queer studies, etc., topics that are highly in vogue today, that are good for business, that will provide you with food and clothing (not to mention good old Путинка)?

3. WHO ARE THESE NEW EXPERTS that live at the crossroads of phobia, repulsion, and loathing within being, within the being of language, rejecting a living language for the sake of a stultifying discourse?

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