February 1, 2010

Dear Backers of “Two Years in Correspondence”


We sought funding for WOW activities and the publication of “Two Years in Correspondence” through several well-known and established organizations that focus on supporting and promoting the arts in the context of queer experience and interpretation, but none of those organizations were able to envision the significance of this project. Determined to subvert the power of those foundations to control what compels immediate attention, what should get published, and which groups should be heard, we decided to look for support elsewhere -- among our friends, colleagues, and also strangers who might share common beliefs. And look what we have done -- together!

This is a moment of triumph not only because now we have the funds to publish the WOW letters, but also (and most importantly) because we found out that we have a strong network of dedicated people who believe in what we do and motivate us to go beyond conventional thinking. Thanks to you we have gained momentum in bringing more attention to contemporary Armenian queer and straight artists, writers, cultural critics and activists who explore queer identity, language, and culture. We couldn't do this without you! We also want to thank AGLA New York and especially Veken Gueyikian for initiating and organizing the fundraiser and for providing us with a platform to reach out to various communities.

Please follow us here on Queering Yerevan -- where we will be posting updates relating to this samizdat project, as well as our upcoming summer art events and workshops in Zarubyan 34.

The Women Oriented Women’s Collective

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