August 13, 2008

chalk figures

this was the day before the event. we wanted to have images of (odd / queer) (արտառոց / տարօրինակվող) women holding hands in strange positions . . we ended up having (inadvertently) self-portraits and portraits of the women in the exhibit.

զարուբյանի կանայք / zarubyan's women


  1. Karini poxantsmamb, Hayastani Hanrapetutyun terty hrajarvel e tpel "Galis em Motd, Vor Miasin Chlinenk" cucahandesi masin voreve haghordagrutyun, qani vor nyuti mej ogtagortsvel e "miaser kanayk" bary. Chishtn asats, chgitem, te barn ayntegh inchpes e haytnvel, qani vor Kariny patrastvum er naxapes gortsatsel "tar-orinakogh" noramutsutyuny.

    Karin has just informed me that Hayastani Hanrapetutyun daily refused to publish anything on the exhibition, because of the worl\d "homosexual" in KArin's article. I have no idea why she decided to include it since she originally intended to only use the word "queer", which is less harmful.


  2. If everything goes well, Vahan (Ishxanyan) will write and publish an article in 168 Zham and Armenianow. His focus will be specifically on our public "coming out" event.

    The women on the wall are hybrids, they portray several women at once, each fragment taken from a different woman :-) and each figure has a fragment from every participant in the exhibit.