December 31, 2013

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2013 IN REVIEW >>

We started the year with the conception of the on-going project titled "In and Between the (Re)public," which was selected as one of the exceptional cultural initiatives for support by the Prince Claus Fund. The catalog of this project is scheduled to come out in May 2014.

Arpi Adamyan and Melissa Boyajian launched the production of their video adaptation of G. Aghayan's fairy tale "Magical World" in February and currently are in the post-production stage, aiming to finish the project by May 2014.

In June we sent a formal letter to the Municipality of Yerevan and Ministry of Culture about the abandoned state of the statue "Renaissance" by Ruzan Kyurkchyan and have still not received a reply.

The September issue of Yerevan Magazine published the edited version of an article by Shushan Avagyan about Kyurkchyan's statue, the unedited version of which you can read here.

Lusine Talalyan started working on the production of her experimental video titled "Post-DIY" in August, which Talalyan and Avagyan presented at CaucaDoc in Tbilisi in November. The film will be ready in March 2014.

In September we were invited to take part in VBKÖ's exhibition titled "Take Place" in Vienna, curated by Herbert Justnik.

We close this year with the publication of Talalyan's and Avagyan's collaborative experimental book titled Զարուբյանի կանայք (Zarubyan's Women), parts of which have appeared in this blog since 2008.