July 31, 2008

the poster

nancy -- we miss you!! you're with us in spirit :-) we're working on the garden, it's looking good . . the girls want to have a cardboard lifesize figure of two women holding hands on zarubyan street, outside the offices, and we're going to dress them up in funky clothes. more later . .


  1. I'm so sad I'm missing the fun.
    Those sound like great ideas! Please give one of the girls a little unbleached, unwaxed Frida Kahlo moustache.
    love to all.

  2. This small poster was posted all over Yerevan, on building walls, in parks, museums (including Parajanov), and days later, when I was walking on Mashtots Ave, I saw several on bus stations and light posts, untouched, they were not vandalized, which is already a very good sign.

    I had the unbleached, unwaxed moustache, as usual . . he-he . .