August 21, 2008

Selected videos

Coming to You To Not Be With You

Video Program

The program screened within the framework of Coming to You To Not Be With You in Yerevan, comprised of video works by Armenian contemporary women artists produced since 2000. The works shared a concern with the issues of the body and sexuality in the specific experiences of Armenian women artists. They articulate the body as sites for contestation of identity construction.

The aim of the program was to historicize WOW's activities as well as contexualize them within the larger representational and identity discourses in Armenia.

Karine Matsakyan, Untitled, Video, 2002, excerpt

Lusine Chergeshtyan, Untitled, Video, 2007

Sona Abgarian, Untitled, Video, 2003

Astghik Melkonyan, 1:10, video, 2008
I was supposed to leave 1min and 10 sec video. had to cut it for logistic reasons

Tsomak, Dance, video, 2004

For some reason I don't have Lusine's work of 2004 (Bang, Bang) on the dvd. Lusya, can you add a small excerpt from it? Thanks! Angela

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