October 18, 2014


K. Demirchyan Park, aka Malibu Park, Yerevan

Friday, 17 October
15.00            Opening and Welcome!
15.15            People's struggles for public spaces: panel discussion
  • Civic engagement and changing public spaces in Armenia, Gor Hakobyan
  • Encounters in public space as a crucial aspect of radical democracy: Gezi Resistance Irem Inceoglu
  •  Urban public space struggles in Tbilisi, Alexander Elisashvili
17.00            Break
17.30            "in and between the (re)public" art intervention, Shushan Avagyan
18.15            Female and male subject images in Georgian cinema, Tamta Tatarashvili

Saturday, 18 October
11.30            Women's rights activism in the USA ‘70s and now, working for reproductive 
                    rights, «Our Bodies, Ourselves», Judy Norsigian
12.30            An anti-authoritarian approach to Gezi and notes in favor of temporary 
                    autonomous spaces, Defne Sandalci
13.30            Break
14.00            Guerrilla gardening: creating green spaces in the cities, talk and practice, Nata 
16.00            Break
16.30            Masculinity and public spaces, Alik Petrov      
18.00            ACTV: researching the public spaces, Davit Stepanyan, Utopiana.am

Sunday, 19 October
11.30            The journalists' responsibility in a gendered society, Guillaume De Chazournes
12.30            Interactive talk on street harassment with introduction of MiLrir, ArtAct 
13.30            Break
14.00            Respect my space - interaction in public space, ArtAct collective
15.00            Use of public spaces by feminist movements in Ukraine, Yuliana Paranko
16.00            Break
16.30            Create music and instruments, Yuliana Paranko & Arevik Martirosyan
18.30            Linking our stories, performance
19.00            Closing with some music and food