August 15, 2008

the exhibit (part 1)

these are photos taken by sarah ------>---->>--->-------------->

lucine & arpi's installation

a room with old soviet wallpaper, an old piano that desperately needs tuning, two broken windows, an ancient magnetic tape player, a video of two women playing football with a watermelon in a pool. parts of the wallpaper is reapplied, the patterns are changed, deliberately (and inconspicuously) made into irregular patterns, the kinds of irregularities you look for when as a child you're staring at the wall, while trying to fall asleep, tracing the patterns with your eyes and matching the lines in symmetrical forms, etc. only a keen eye can detect the irregularities. you can find them only when you look for them, when you know that they are there – the subversive forms, the lines that are discontinuous, the paths that lead nowhere, the patterns that are not symmetrical. the installation is called “my mother’s room.”

and now, a quote from gertrude stein's "what are master-pieces":

"all this sounds awfully complicated but it is not complicated at all, it is just what happens. any of you when you write you try to remember what you are about to write and you will see immediately how lifeless the writing becomes that is why expository writing is so dull because it is all remembered, that is why illustration is so dull because you remember what somebody looked like and you make your illustration look like it. the minute your memory functions while you are doing anything it may be very popular but actually it is dull. and that is what a master-piece is not, it may be unwelcome but it is never dull. and so then why are there so few of them. there are so few of them because mostly people live in identity and memory that is when they think. they know they are they because their little dog knows them, and so they are not an entity but an identity. and being so memory is necessary to make them exist and so they cannot create master-pieces. [...] it is not extremely difficult not to have identity but it is extremely difficult the knowing not having identity. one might say it is impossible but that it is not impossible is proved by the existence of master-pieces which are just that. they are knowing that there is no identity and producing while identity is not. THAT IS WHAT A MASTER-PIECE IS. and so we do know what a master-piece is and we also know why there are so few of them. everything is against them. everything that makes life go on makes identity and everything that makes identity is of necessity a necessity."

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