December 30, 2010

New performance

I will soon be performing in Milan as part of the Fclassmate Series at Jerome Zodo Gallery, via Lambro 7, 7:31 pm on January 10, 2011.

Family Returning Blows” is a solo performance about domestic violence which combines personal narratives, news reports, Facebook images and Armenian idioms to explore the power dynamics among genders and within the world order. Taking place between New York City and Yerevan, between the private and the public, between male and female, a story simultaneously evolves and destructs. Writer/performer Nancy Agabian creates an insular world with movement, voice, projected images, and homemade props to investigate intimacy -- sexual, technological, and familial -- and finds meaning in tinderboxes of violence, from the upstairs neighbors to presidential policies.

The text for this performance comes from two sources: an excerpt from (An)daratsutian Mej and a new piece I wrote with the Physical Translating workshop and which I presented at "Queering Translation" last summer.

Thanks to the women who supported this work.

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