June 27, 2008

WOW project by alina martiros

Araratic ruminations is a queer woman's interpretation of a cultural landmark.

The WOW exhibition takes me on my first journey to my ancestral land. As a diasporic Armenian, I have grown to cherish and romanticize my ‘hayrenik’ through its most predominant symbols. But there is a queering twist. I always thought of Armenia as feminine and the Ararat mountains as her breasts. This is contrary to the popular notion of them as paternal symbols; Ararat in drag. This project will lift this drag for a glimpse of the mountains in their primordial feminine majesty. The physical execution of the piece will be done in Armenia around the conceptual framework of female desire, longing and belonging.

I close my eyes
trace her reclining
disappearing in space
Inviting and complete

In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, I will create intuitive paintings using snapshots and found objects to make an eroticised map re-placing my present idea of her derived from postcards and hearsay.

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