December 11, 2008

Re: from L. de La C.U.L.O. A project of the Queer Feminist Herd - Barcelona

...I loved your project, and I hope I get a chance to see it all. ... I
personally have a personal interest in knowing more, is there a chance of
you or someone from your group writing to us about the queer
situation/struggle in Armenia or in Yerevan (I am now even more excited to
visit Armenia, I always wanted to, and once got very close to do it), I am
usually interested in how cultures and various societies that are closely
knit construct the gender roles, how we are shaped, and if there exists
some exceptions where this shaping or some role was broken traditionally
(a superficial example, male Arabs wore eye make-up to war, and now it is
considered a sissy thing to do :)) If you can great, we can post it along
the article you sent, if not then just ignore me, I am sure I will stalk
you in the future :)!

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