November 26, 2008

Correction: Feminist no.1!

We still didn't have any postings about Feminist!

"...The Women’s Resource Centre has initiated the publication of the first openly feminist magazine of modern Armenia, which will offer the opportunity to discuss and analyze the past, present and future of the feminist movement both in Armenia and in the world. Today there are many magazines that are “for” and “about women” that offer various remedies to become beautiful, charming, captivating, loved, successful, etc. The goal of Feminist is to pay particular attention to the woman, mostly to her psychological, social, economical and political issues, as well as to create a forum where women can express their desires, thoughts, and frustrations...

In solidarity,

Women’s Resource Centre”

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  1. lus, nor feministe yerb patrast klini? ablozhkan karogh es dnel blogi vra?